Kanan Park is an Agri-tech Company.

We partner with farmers for their technology needs. Our tech solutions are engineered to help ease their lives and to significantly impact the way farming is done.

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Farming by its inherent nature is relatively unstructured and non-standardised activity. This poses challenges in making it an efficient and profitable business venture. Open farming especially is exposed to quirks of environment. However, by using technology, certain aspects of farming can be measured and controlled.

Automation technologies for farms have evolved over the years. Automation in the form of tractors, harvesters, ploughs, sprinklers, drippers etc. have replaced human labour. These have indeed made a significant impact on productivity and the way farming is done.

The existing automation equipments have a very small degree of intelligence attached to it. Developments in different streams of AI like machine learning, computer vision, evolutionary robotics, etc. have had limited opportunity of being introduced to farming. Though not to discredit the green shoots that have started to be visible in some activities to a limited extent.

Automation by use of smart devices can help fast tracking introduction of intelligence and autonomy to farms. Autonomy is the way forward for sustainable farming as it can significantly address some of the contemporary issues relating to productivity, standardisation and cost. We at Kanan Park endeavour to be the technology partner of farmers by empowering them with intelligent technologies.



In an ever evolving complex environment, managing a farm and its associated functions is a critical task. Farming being a 24/7 activity, needs constant attention. Human ability to consistently and effectively manage multiple functions at farms without the use of technology is limited. A farm management system would include different sub-systems relating to planning tasks, tracking resources, sourcing and analysing data, implementation management, timely updates, etc.

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For smart farms with connected devices which help in constantly generate data, it is important to have an efficient management tool which can help in real time analysis and reporting. The quantum of data that is generated from an average size farm is also huge which requires an effective data management system.

An effective management platform can help optimise field management and agronomics at the farm. It further creates marketing value for producers which can help differentiate themselves. We at Kanan Park are designing management solutions that can give a unique user experience to farmers. We are building a team of members with UX and linguistic skills with penchant for creating unique, innovative and inspiring

system platform.

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Farming is a function of various inputs like nutrients, bacteria, biophysical conditions and similar other on-farm and off-farm factors. For achieving a desired level of nutritional yield, it is important to measure, analyse and make appropriate interventions at the right time. However, the current agricultural practices followed by majority of farmers do not involve sourcing, measuring and analysing data relating to inputs and correlating them with output. It is important to anlayse these at different stages of the farming process.

Farm data being unstructured and less standardised,use of advanced computational technology applications like deep learning and cognitive learning can help in deciphering significant insights relating to the farming practices.

However currently there are limitations application of such technologies on account of quantum and quality of data being generated from farms. We at Kanan Park are focusing on sourcing and building data sets which can be further provided as inputs to different AI models for enabling better utilisation of technology. Our data farming project is focused on engineering technologies which can enable sourcing of data.

We believe farming without data analysis is a shot in dark with just a hope for better results. Our goal is to transform the way farming is practiced to make it more feasible and sustainable.



We are developing advanced autonomous devices that will transform the industry. If you are looking for opportunities to be part of this transformational journey, explore for current opening on our

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