Electronics Engineer

Location: Pune

Position Overview


At Kanan Park, as part of the product development team you would interact with multidisciplinary fields of engineering. Electronics is at the heart of all the hardware products that we develop. As part of your role, in addition to being able to explore and innovate in your field of expertise, you will get a holistic experience of knowing and understanding various associated fields like robotics, IoT, embedded systems, etc. This role will provide you experience of working with hardware (electronics) as well as software.

This position reports directly to the founder.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Understanding the functions, application and features of the product

  • Understanding the technology platforms involved in the product development

  • Researching different electronic components by reading their datasheets and designing a circuitry board based on its application

  • Researching about different electrical components (relays, transformers, capacitors, etc.) and understanding their specifications to match the product requirement

  • Based on the shortlisted components, designing an efficient schematic for circuit board

  • Researching and compiling relevant code (knowledge about C and C++ would be an additional advantage)

  • Creating and maintaining technical documentation in line with organisations policies

  • Assisting in sourcing and testing components

  • Participating in effective testing of components and circuits in different scenarios

  • Based on the test results, troubleshooting the issues and executing the amendments

  • Collaborate with inter disciplinary teams working on the product during development and production phases.


  • Basic knowledge about transmission technologies (like LoRa, zigbee, nrf, etc.)

  • Hands on experience with electronics components like relays, resistors, capacitors and transistors, etc.

  • Experience in design and analysis of digital and analog electronic circuit (for example, microprocessors, transistors, comparators, operational amplifiers, logic gates, linear regulators, switching regulators).

  • Knowledgeable in the use of circuit simulation tools (SPICE).

  • Knowledgeable in the use of CAD tools for schematic capture.

  • Hands on experience with soldering and prototyping

  • Proficient in MV Electrical Installations, Ampacity Calculations, Short circuit/load flow, Protective Device Coordination, Arc Flash, Grounding and other relevant design topics

  • Able to write design documents, test procedures and test reports.

  • Able to proficiently operate the typical electronic measurement and analysis lab equipment (for example, oscilloscope, meters, analyzers, power supplies).

Other skills

  • Ability to adhere to project schedules and requirements.

  • Excellent communication and documentation skills

  • Ability to execute multiple projects and tasks in parallel

  • Dealing with agencies and consultants