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We invent, engineer and deploy technology solutions for farmer community

The present nature and pace of technological evolution and adoption has given rise to an ever increasing need for considerable ingenuity to localise and democratise technology. It also offers an opportunity for innovative minds to come together and plug the white spaces in lives of people especially those deprived of access to it.

We at Kanan Park have set out on an ambitious path of realising the potential of technology and serving the farmer community. We have set a goal of introducing intelligent technologies to transform their lives which could have an incredible effect on the future. Currently we are focusing on technologies relating to farm automation and management to transform the way farming is undertaken. While AI is in the front seat driving innovation, it is supporting the other key technology streams like localisation, mechatronics, computer vision and data science.


We are hiring

We at Kanan Park believe in inventing technology solutions which fundamentally impact the future and make it more sustainable. We believe in building an impactful community supportive of each other, with a focus on user and being relentless in experimenting and achieving ambitious goals. We are looking for talent in various fields like electronics, AI, neuroscience, UX, linguistics and cultural experts.


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If your goals match ours, feel free to reach out we may have a role for you. We are looking for team members who are in the quest of being part of a dynamic team focused on innovation and collaboration.

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"The best way to predict the future is to create it"

Abraham Lincoln